Remember When Tea Room

A charming pink house in Southwest Ohio’s quaint Waynesville, Remember When is a gateway to a bygone era, evoking the very friendly and all too uncommon art of the afternoon tea. Literally run out of the house of its owners, you will find every dish made by hand and every item a but of a personal touch. Once you understand how the place works you wilk find it a very pleasant place to try.

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Vinoklet Winery

The hilly Colerain Township of Cincinnati’s West Side is easy to get lost in, but travel the winding roads long enough, and you’ll run across a place like Vinoklet Winery. With an eye on quality dining, this spot makes a line of its own wines and also features many high-end events and music. It’s a serene environment, lost in the foothills, with a warm fireplace and low-lit dining spaces. I can’t think of a nicer place to bring a date.

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Uno Chicago Grill

With a little over 100 locations, mostly based in New England, Uno Chicago Grill is generally a fast-casual concept with a heavier emphasis on the bar. Many are located downtown, many have an outside porch, and many have a ton of space to handle lunch and evening crowds. The chain was founded in 1943 – in Chicago, to be sure – and claims to be the very chain that invented the legendary Chicago-style deep dish pizza.

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