The Buffet at Monte Carlo

In Vegas, they say it’s all about the buffets. Indeed most casinos on the strip have one, and you can walk right in and eat without gambling. In fact many are comped right to your room. Such is the case with The Buffet at Monte Carlo. Most used by the guests of the hotel itself the place has a plethora of options it serves for lunch and dinner. Of course, this casino was created by MGM as more of a budget option for the strip. You’ll find the buffet matches. In quality, not price.

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Jeet India

A prominent Indian food buffet in the Beavercreek neighborhood of Dayton, Jeet India, and its companion restaurant in the south market Amar India, offer a ton of options for Indian food for an audience that is not otherwise familiar with it. The cuisine isn’t what I would consider authentic; the food is more tailored to a western palette but those favorite dishes of Indian cuisine shine through. The restaurant is clean and nice inside, and the food isn’t bad, so this restaurant is a good first step to trying a new kind of cuisine.

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Ajanta India Restaurant

A restaurant that serves the south Dayton suburb of Kettering, Ajanta India Restaurant is the local eatery if you’re craving Indian cuisine. Offering a wide variety of dishes from across numerous styles of Indian cooking, this spot is best known for its buffet for lunch and dinner, as well as the full-service high-quality dishes. This place serves only Indian food, and a good many of the dishes you try here can’t be found anywhere else. This spot is a memorable one.

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