There have been plenty of new restaurants opening in downtown Cincinnati lately, but nada is definitely one of the trendiest. The sleek two-story bar, riddled with colorful architecture and illuminated outside with paper lights, it’s got the interior feel of a trendy bar and yet its porch feels cozy and intimate, even in the midst of the city’s excitement. The Hispanic-themed food is way above par for what you’ve been trying in the suburbs. Upon eating here, one thing is clear; there’s a new flavor to the downtown restaurant scene, and places like nada are leading the charge.

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Taqueria Mixteca

Just east of downtown Dayton, Taqueria Mixteca is a hole-in-the-wall that you’d hardly notice if you drove past it. It’s far from the nicest parts of town where the gourmet chefs dream of $100 wine bottles and Michelin stars, but Taqueria Mixteca is the epitome of the service of online reviews: everybody seems to love this place. The glowing reviews are many. Having read them after the fact, I’ve found a lot of the strengths and weaknesses that so many others have acclaimed all have merit. This place makes some seriously good ethnic food.

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