Corner Kitchen

The newest addition to the Oregon District, and the creation of husband and wife team Natalie and Jack Skilliter, Corner Kitchen opened in a long-vacant space at the corner of one of Dayton’s most loved nightlife spots as a place where people can go to get something upscale but down-to-earth. The deliberate craft of its owners is apparent in the restaurant; each dish looks pretty simple from the outside but gets more complex as you dive in; and in the end the food here really delivers something that downtown Dayton has been craving.

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Everyday Gourmet

Only recently have I come to realize how many salsa nuts are out there. Once you go beyond the supermarket shelf to sample what’s out there, you just can’t go back. Personally, I can’t get enough of the freshness in local salsa, you just can’t top it in any other food. Everyday Gourmet is another one of those salsa places you’ll only see by stopping through your local farmer’s market. As the owners put it, people come back time and again for the different flavors. After giving the salsas a try, I’m convinced that she’s onto something.

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Walt’s Homemade Salsa

The more I write about food, the more I realize just how many local food businesses there are around the area that I never find out about. A lot of great people sell great foods in places you’d easily miss; corner shops, street fairs, or just online. Without a supermarket to make things easy, how else would you know where to look?

Such is the conundrum that strikes me when I taste Walt’s Homemade Salsa. Founders Walt and Cassie Major are everyday Miamisburg residents whose love of salsa prompted them to make their own. And it is good.

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Troy Strawberry Festival 2012

The strawberry is my absolute favorite fruit. Yet for all of my time in Dayton I’ve never managed to make my way up here. With all the hype, all of the strawberry recipes in the paper and much ado about the festival moving to downtown Troy this year, I finally got a chance to drop in.

What in the world have I been missing? What a great place to visit!

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