Blue Note Bistro

Small-town Miamisburg harbors a real treat and a surprise in the Blue Note Bistro. Opened in a reclaimed space right along the main stretch of the southwest Ohio small town, it’s quickly lined up acts and local artists as a dive where you can go to enjoy some quality music downtown. Dayton doesn’t have a ton of places specifically for jazz and blues music these days. To see a spot such as this, and with its blue-themed decor and bit of dressing up, no less, is really pleasant.

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Garden Brunch Cafe

A very quaint little house feet from Nashville’s famous farmers market downtown, Garden Brunch Cafe is a popular place for people to go for breakfast. You can enjoy a light meal by a fireplace or listen to some live music by a local artist on the modest stage, but one thing is clear: this place is popular enough that you’ll likely have to wait for a table. People seem to love the place for its cute interior and artisan take on everyday breakfast fare.

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