Corner Kitchen

The newest addition to the Oregon District, and the creation of husband and wife team Natalie and Jack Skilliter, Corner Kitchen opened in a long-vacant space at the corner of one of Dayton’s most loved nightlife spots as a place where people can go to get something upscale but down-to-earth. The deliberate craft of its owners is apparent in the restaurant; each dish looks pretty simple from the outside but gets more complex as you dive in; and in the end the food here really delivers something that downtown Dayton has been craving.

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Christopher’s Restaurant

A popular destination among many in Dayton, Christopher’s restaurant in Kettering is so popular because it’s a place that does just about everything; it’s got a very local and small-town vibe to it, but it’s still got a menu where you can find finer dining dishes. It’s got a lunch menu for soups and salads and lighter fare, but heavy Italian pastas and steaks as well. Really, the secret to its success is how many different palettes and moods it can appeal to at once. For this reason, Christopher’s is and will remain one of those few timeless restaurants that locals will always continue to swear by.

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