The Wellington Grille

A bit off the beaten path in Beavercreek east of Dayton, The Wellington Grille caters to a bit of an older crowd but it’s still filled up pretty easily even on weekend nights. This Americana-style grill and steakhouse isn’t too formal a place to visit, but it’s kept a good reputation as an approachable meal. Perhaps the interior could use a refresh, but the food you have here will be a familiar and comforting thing. This spot has been around for a few years and doesn’t turn a lot of heads, but it’s a good date night spot.

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Halal Bourbon Chicken & Homestyle Chili

There’s a little restaurant hiding in the basement of the Talbott Tower in downtown Dayton. I’m not sure of the name, it has no web presence and has alternatively been called “Halal”, “Bourbon Chicken/Homestyle Chili” and “Homestyle Chili & Bourbon Chicken.” We can call it “Halal Bourbon Chicken & Homestyle Chili” because that’s want’s printed on the menu.

And yes. The food is as confusing as the name sounds.

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