Boiling Seafood Crawfish

The art of the crawfish boil: in Louisiana this special kind of cookout is pretty common, but as far north as Ohio, they tend to be something of a rarity. Finding restaurants that serve this special kind of food is a real experience. And so Boiling Seafood Crawfish has attracted a following. Its first location opened in Cleveland Heights and now a second one has set up shop in Columbus, giving Ohio the chance to really experience a crawfish bake of its own. You’ll want to try the place to get a feel for it. 

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A Panda Buffet

A Panda Buffet is a neighborhood dining spot serving east Cleveland, and sort of a discount place to get Chinese food. The buffet has a heavy emphasis on seafood and chicken dishes but you’ll find a lot of different things there, some of which are Chinese food favorites and a few others seem to be pretty unique to this buffet. All told, the place seems to be supported by the surrounding neighborhoods but I can’t find anything here that makes it worth a special visit.

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China King

At China King on Court Street, simplicity is the key to success. The small Athens restaurant wins numerous food awards from local newspapers every year. At first one is probably not impressed with the unassuming little joint. There are certainly larger buffets in town. But there’s a charm that brings people back again and again. With its central uptown location, China King is easily among the most visible places to eat for college students, and its large international student following implies it brings many from the Far East a little taste of home.

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