Sun Wah BBQ

Although it stays relatively quiet in Chicago’s uptown neighborhood along the Broadway Street corridor, Sun Wah BBQ has been around town for a very long time. Once you sit down at this restaurant, though, you’ll see why pretty quickly. The menu, inspired by Chinese grilled meats and many things like it, is simply unique even in a city of this size. While the restaurant seems like it might be like many other run-of-the-mill places around the city, this is going to be one that you will want to remember.

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Asian House Sushi Bar & Grill

While south Dayton has seen a few great new restaurant concepts around the Dayton Mall area, the Asian House Sushi Bar is the reinvention of a spot that has long been a hibachi grill, buffet, and a few other things. Asian House, though, is a concept that I think has staying power; offering a variety of Chinese food entrees, sushi and dim sum. Dayton has very few places with that range of food, and I found trying it here to be a worthwhile experience.

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