Dos Hermanos Taco Truck

59 Spruce St.
Columbus, OH 43215
websiteWhile it was founded in 2012 by Lisa and Vincente Gutierrez, Dos Hermanos is best known as a food truck that makes its rounds all over Central Ohio for parties and special events, but a brick-and-mortar location opened in the North Market as well, this one offering a mixture largely of tacos and meats on the grill. I think of this spot as a downtown favorite whose reputation has spread as its truck has roamed further and further out. not bad at all.

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The menu here is most importantly about the tacos, they’re customizable and served street-wise, with a little salsa on the side but mostly to be munched while walking or sitting at a stand. Things to try:

  • Carne Asada: This cut of beef is sliced and served in tacos again with a keen taste for the peppery. This one is best in a taco because the meat is kind of mild by itself and the other ingredients speak well together.
  • Barbacoa: This pork creation is specially created with a strong and lasting set of spices, and I find it stand strongly whether it’s in a taco or a taco bowl. Though a little of it goes a long way, this meat is best with a sturdy salsa.
  • Salsa: The mix of salsas include a mild, chunky version that has an almost sweet and fruity texture and the warmer, and indeed hot salsas really knock it out with an assertive heat.

Dos Hermanos is casual, and a definite plus for the city. Good taco trucks don’t need a ton of style or flair, instead what really matters is how the food is made and how it’s presented. I feel the execution is there, and it’s pretty consistent too. The prices are reasonable and the convenience factor really says something. Price points are similarly reasonable, and I think that competes well against many of the more forgettable taco stands citywide.

The popularity this little business has speaks for itself. It’s a worthwhile stop in Columbus’ extensive dining scene.


  • The North Market location has a “Taco Tuesday” special with discount tacos which is a nice chance to try something new.
  • The food truck itself frequents many breweries and events. It’s got a calendar online that lets you see when and where to go.
  • Taco bowls and quesadillas on this menu are awesome too, if you want something heartier than tacos.

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