Cinnamon Indian Grill

2628 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43202

Probably one of the more highly acclaimed Indian food restaurants in Columbus would be Cinnamon Indian Grill, a quaint little shop along North High Street in Old North Columbus. Consistency and attention to detail is the word for this restaurant and it’s pretty well competitively placed on the edge of both Ohio State University’s student neighborhoods and Clintonville. The restaurant itself is straight to the point, it’s all about the food, and the food does deliver, especially for its prolific takeout fan base.

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The menu spans most of the very popular Indian dishes in American restaurants. Some of the things that were good:

  • Saag Paneer: The vegetarian dish with sauteed spinach with cubes of cheese. This makes a perfect and filling veggie dish or if preferred, a good side for one of the meat dishes.
  • Chicken Tikka Masala: This favorite dish in Indian food, it relies on that thick tikka sauce for a medium, and in this case it’s smooth without being too oily, and almost pleasantly sweet. A good addition.
  • Chicken Korma: A thinner and spicier take on spiced chicken, the korma recipe is better if you want something that has more heat to it. Probably good with plenty of rice.
  • Tandoori Chicken: This signature red chicken is awesome because the roasted chicken has a thick paste of spices around us; often this recipe is a tough sell because the tandoor will dry out the chicken if it’s not done carefully. Not so here.
  • Saagwala Chicken: Somewhat akin to the saag recipe, this one brings in a ton of cubed chicken and some lighter curry to accentuate the spinach.
  • Butter Naan: A simple side dish, the naan doesn’t need much in flavor because it mops up the sauces and curries so well. But here, a very light touch on the butter makes all the difference.

The restaurant is a pretty simple and straightforward feel, this is a simple kind of storefront with room for a few tables but not a lot else. This is a take-out operation, after all, and most all of the customers who frequent the place tend to be Ohio State University students or from the Old North Columbus and Clintonville neighborhoods to the north.

It’s a quiet place for sure but the affection for this restaurant is rooted in local love for it. And so this is a good takeout destination that’s well worth the try. Just know how to do it best.


  • Ordering online is a convenient way to get carryout food. There’s also a deal here where you order 10 meals online and get an 11th meal for free.
  • Most of the dishes on the menu and can be customized. Again a case where ordering online is the best way to do it, though phone is an option too.
  • Many deals for extras exist too, like free naan for orders over a certain price.

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