Momo Ghar

1265 Morse Rd.
Columbus, OH 43229
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Almost invisible from the street, Momo Ghar is actually a little stand in the middle of a strip mall along the Morse Road stretch, an area of northern Columbus that is home to many different ethnic groups and a corresponding diverse set of restaurants. Momo Ghar has become one of the most popular with a very simple menu, Momo, or Tibetan hand-rolled dumplings served in a slightly spicy curry-based sauce that has a lot of charm to it. It’s all in the food, and whether you make your way to the hidden little stall or find the location in the more popular North Market, here is a chance to try something really new.

These steamed dumplings have a bigger impact too, singularly drawing attention to the dining scene in Ohio’s capital city.

The menu is very simple, about different kinds of dumplings stuffed with different kinds of meat and veggies. All are rolled and fried in house and to order. What to get:

  • Jhol Momo: The most popular item on the menu. As espoused in Food and Wine magazine, these dumplings are stuffed with minced chicken, cilantro and a mix of aromatic spices and served atop a sauce with a warm heat.
  • Kothey: These dumplings also have a mix of chicken and a sharp set of spices to work into the mix, but instead of being steamed, they are pan-fried until they are brown on the outside. They’re served alongside a warm and spicy sauce.
  • Vegetarian Kothey: These dumplings are similar to the standard kothey, but the dumplings are removed of the chicken and instead they have more of a mix of onions and other veggies. Maybe a milder take on the same kind of dumplings, but again the spice says it all.

The little stand has a pretty simple model, so it makes each set of dumplings to order. You sit and wait for them there, and as a result I’d say there isn’t specifically a time where the stand is super rushed, instead it’s more of a constant stream of people coming here throughout the day. But this also ensures the most fresh experience for the dumplings.

Phuntso Lama doesn’t have the notoriety of some of Columbus’ other restaurateurs, but she should also get credit for elevating this city’s dining scene in a new and more diverse way. This stand is a real and genuinely interesting stop to enjoy. It’s my highest recommendation.


  • Each set of dumplings is cooked to order, so there’s a wait, but this spot is well worth the wait.
  • Consider the spot a good one for a date or a small group of people, but probably not ideal for big groups.
  • The North Market location is also really nice, but the original on Morse Road is favored.

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