Cafe Citron

1343 Connecticut Ave. NW
Washington D.C. 20036

Now having been open in Washington for 20 years, this spot near Dupont Circle is mostly known as a club where you can move your body in the basement and which is very popular with the cocktail crowd, but they do in fact serve some food too. Tacos, empanadas, Latin American cuisine to match the salsa music and bright colors emanating from the walls. It’s not necessarily the place you would think a meal would really satisfy you, but while the food here is pretty simple I also think it isn’t to be overlooked. For the simple reason that it’s convenient and gives you a reason to stick around the bar without leaving.

The food menu is a mixture of pub grub and Latin American food, definitely with an angle on simplicity. Some of the things that are good:

  • Taco Rico: Grilled beef and garlic served in a corn tortilla with jalapeño, avocado, cilantro and a salsa on top. Simple but very meaty. One or two is perfect. 
  • Venezuelan Empanadas: Fried masterpieces, made with corn flour and filled with beef or chicken, cheese and minced veggies for a satisfying crunch on the outside.
  • Caribbean Spicy Wings: These wings are dry rubbed in a very mild dusting of seasoning and served with ranch. They come fresh, so they’re both crunchy and very hot.
  • Spicy Margarita: House-infused Jalapeño tequila mixed with fresh lemon and sugar. There’s a sweet heat to this one that starts just very gradually at first but builds up with that muddled pepper and it’s hard to forger it.  
  • Mojito: A spry cocktail that’s very popular around these parts, this drink has lime, mint and sugar muddled with rum.

“Eat drink dance” is the motto here and make no mistake, it’s fun! This bar is a great place to meet people and be active, so in that sense I don’t really feel like the heavy food is necessarily going to match well. But then, the cocktails are just as good by themselves and you don’t need to feel like you have to eat at the place first; instead it’s more a bar that’s served best by expecting that it’s more a dance and cocktail shop that happens to serve some plates if you really want them. 

The prices are decent for Washington bars, but the happy hours make a lot of difference and I recommend those. As far as the ambiance, the club gets active quickly around the later parts of the night. I really recommend the place then. It’s exciting and definitely memorable here.  


  • Cocktails are a must here, skip the beer.
  • The basement is where the dancing is, that’s best later in the evening.
  • Small plates are best. Most foods here can be shared.

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