Green Papaya

2942 Wasson Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45209

Densely-packed Oakley is one of Cincinnati’s younger neighborhoods, and a lot of the people who live here are more ambitious and ready to try new things. That also applies to their dining tastes, so it’s pleasant to see that oftentimes they’re willing to support different kinds of cuisine. Green Papaya is an Asian fusion concept in that it’s got a cross-cultural experience with sushi and Thai as the main courses but inspirations from other places as well. There’s plenty to like, of course, but the best things to try might be the most overlooked.

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Thai food is more familiar to a Midwestern crowd. Of course there are great noodle dishes.

  • Bento Box: This Japanese-inspired lunch is a combination of lots of smaller items together, and it’s always a favorite. This version has a Thai yellow curry chicken, some nice mild fried rice, brown rice and edamame for what are relatively more mild mediums. There are a few options, most of them have a very rich dish complemented with milder ones.
  • Pad Thai: The signature Thai noodles have a strong peanut flavor here! This one isn’t too sweet either, and that means it’s just perfect to get these noodles as spicy as you can.
  • Pad See Ew: Flat, broad noodles for the base of this popular dish with a notably very sweet sauce. This version has some generous veggies and is best with chicken or pork.
  • Sushi: The range of sushi options ranges from the complex and creative to the simple staples. Spicy tuna roll, for its part, has that ever-so-mild warmth.
  • Potstickers: A nice appetizer for two, these potstickers are just stuffed with veggies and good to dip in the sweet sauce. Very approachable.

The restaurant has kind of a relaxed vibe thanks in part to the colorful decoration, and thanks in part to the staff being friendly and a bit more laid-back. Food comes in a timely manner and they’re very quick to refill water, tea, or whatever you may like. So this spot is a good one for a nice relaxed meal, a date or a conversation.

Oakley has a few really good noodle restaurants in the vicinity, so a home-grown spot with a little more of a diverse cuisine focus is going to be fighting tooth and nail for customers. Fortunately, Green Papaya is just all around splendid – good for prices, good for ambiance, and good food. This one is a favorite and worth a return visit.


  • This is a good spot for a couple or a small group.
  • Plenty of good apps and shareables here, I recommend this place as one where you specifically plan to try a few things! So much of the menu is great.
  • Lunch specials like the bento box are hard to hate.

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