8060 Montgomery Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45236

Billing itself as a Global take on a very popular to-go meal, Currito claims to have the cure for the boring burrito. Selling customized burrito bowls, wraps, and other dishes, this quickly growing chain out of Cincinnati puts a lot of things that you would not think of and it’s creations. Whether it’s a Thai food filled burrito, huevos rancheros on a tortilla or a wrap that is just filled with nutella, it’s true that you will be able to come here and try what you otherwise might not expect. Not a bad idea.


The menu is a take on the ever-popular fast casual build-your-own-bowl or wrap counter. Some combinations that rocked:

  • Bangkok: The Bangkok is a mixture of cabbage, cilantro, cucumber, carrots, nuts and a peanut sauce and sesame seeds. This one is pretty good as a burrito because the sauce is a medium for a lot of flavor and it is contained well in the tortilla in a way that might not be as concentrated as a bowl.
  • Tikka: The mix of cilantro lime rice, cucumber, curried chickpeas and a tikka masala sauce with a cucumber tahini. Of course, you would do well with chicken as your meat and served as a bowl, because then you have chicken tikka masala, and that curried sauce really does give dimension to that favorite flavor.
  • Currito House Salad: Romaine lettuce topped with chicken, pico, corn salsa, black beans, feta cheese, scallions and a lime dressing. This one is a bit of a packed punch of veggies and freshness, and I suggest you don’t add to much on the vein of strong additional flavors, the plate stands for itself!

While there is a large set of options for food, the restaurant is pretty open about letting you tag in whatever additions or substitutions you like, so this one is pretty convenient for a picky eater or a group that has vastly different tastes or moods for food. The price points aren’t that tough considering the casualness of the concept, and while I would definitely argue there is better Indian and Chinese food in town, this one is a chance to experiment with a few different flavors across cultures you might not otherwise have a chance to experience.

This Cincinnati chain has a mass appeal in the variety and combinations it offers, and the combination of that and convenience makes it a natural choice for a picky eater on the go. Overall, an approachable concept worth a second look.


  • Good for highly customized bowls for picky eaters or people who are in different moods.
  • Another very convenient to-go dining option.
  • Consider not smothering a bowl with sauces or other things, I find the house suggestions surprisingly balanced.

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