121 S. High St.
Columbus, OH 43215

While burger chains have percolated around the recent trend of “better burgers,” many have come and gone if they couldn’t really deliver something all that new. Burgerim came onto the scene with an idea to add something a little different – instead of full-sized patties and their fatty heft, the spot does burgers in the miniature – letting you try two or three creations at a time and not feel heavy or dragged down. Since being founded in 2011 the chain has risen and continued to grow past the peak of the “better burger” craze. And there’s some staying power in that.

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The little burgers are the first thing to try, but they do come in full sizes too if you prefer. Some things to try:

  • Classic Burger: As a tiny slider, this burger is more of the fast-food variety with a thin patty and the typical dragged-through-the-garden toppings like lettuce, tomato and mayo. Very munchable in this size.
  • Turkey Burger: Topped with the same things as the classic burger, but this meat sports a notably muted flavor. Still cooked well so it’s not left tasting dry.
  • Hawaiian Salmon: A full-sized burger. A thick, third-pound patty of grilled salmon topped with a sweet barbecue glaze, ginger vinegarette, red cabbage and a slice of pineapple. That glaze and pineapple add a lot of sweet dimension to the neutral salmon, and doesn’t have the same weight.
  • Fries: Served more like thick potato chips than the shoestring variety.
  • Sweet Potato Fries: These are the shoestring variety, and they go well with a lighter burger like the salmon or turkey.

The ambiance of each location is pretty welcoming to a lunch or a fast dining experience; this shop isn’t really somewhere where you sit down and linger for a long time; you eat and go. Which is just fine, like many similar burger chains this is a countertop op, and you eat and go. But the prices are pretty good and the shop is still packed for convenience; the food is easy to carry-out.

This chain has emerged in recent years as one of the faster growing burger chains, and I think part of that is that it allows you to try a few different kinds of quality burgers without committing to the kind of heavy meal that a half-pound beef patty can entail. For that reason it’s easy to think this shop has returning power.


  • The most popular meals are the “duo” or “trio” of small slyders, but each location has an increasing menu of full-sized burgers as well.
  • Food is pretty messy but it still packs well to-go.
  • The restaurant app allows for some ordering ahead of time.

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