Lucky’s Grille & Billiards

5387 Roberts Rd.
Hilliard, OH 43026

The southern part of Hilliard has a more industrial and blue-collar feel compared to its more residential northern outskirts. And serving this landscape of warehouses and distribution businesses are a set of neighborhood bars with more grit and character than the gastropubs with their over-the-top trends. So that’s how it is at Lucky’s; a pool hall with a good list of beers and plenty of karaoke, trivia nights and the like. This place is all about the pub grub, and it’s going to be very simple, good stuff.

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You get what you came for here; bar fare is no-frills. What I liked:

  • Fried Mac and cheese: Served very hot! Little triangles of fried macaroni. All the gooey piping-hot cheese and pasta carb delights make good finger food.
  • Cheese fries: French fries drizzled in a three-cheese blend that makes for a stringy bit of finger food.
  • Cheese sticks: Peppery and crunchy and melty on the inside, served with a very sweet tomato sauce. Eat these fast, once they cool down the cheese inside solidifies and that wonderful texture just isn’t the same.
  • Wings: Extra-huge chicken wings served with whatever kind of sauce you like, thoroughly covered but not swimming in the stuff. The buffalo garlic option is a pretty straight shot; its got a light heat but just mild enough a garlic bite as to be perfectly approachable. Good with celery.
  • Burger: It’s all about the simple grilling. Delicious.

The bar kind of has something for every type of crowd in this area; the large pool hall makes room for lots of people to be playing at any one time, and then there’s a large seating area that’s often pretty full when the Buckeyes or the Blue Jackets are playing. Then there’s a corner that is, more often than not, filled with one group or another of local diners while there’s a trivia night, a karaoke night and plenty of other kinds of clubs that meet here.

Sometimes you just want a low-key bar to enjoy a drink and some say food. Nothing crazy. This would be one of those stops for Columbus and its western suburbs. It’s for that reason that I’m pretty fond of Lucky’s on those nights when it’s just best to relax and, really, to just not worry that much about food.


  • The grub here is pretty simple. A good stop if you’re looking for pool or sports in a quiet place.
  • Most finger foods are good when shared, and definitely good to grab a few apps and try a little of everything.
  • There’s a good beer menu and a night when wine is cheap by the glass and the bottle. All recommended.

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