Yogi’s Bar & Grill

1126 W. Henderson Rd.
Columbus Oh 43220

Pretty fairly a catchall sports bar for Central Ohio, Yogi’s Bar & Grill is tending to find itself in the Columbus suburbs with expansive bars that feature a lot of TVs, easy drink specials and huge patios. But the bars have upped the quality of the food of late to compete with the many gastropubs and related businesses that sprung up, as well. Here you can expect comfortable bar classics and always-reliable staples, but without too much fuss. Generally a pretty safe experience to eat.

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You know the menu already, it’s packed with burgers, sandwiches, fried finger foods and drinks. On the overall some of the best things are the most recognizable. Among them:

  • Yogi’s Classic Cheeseburger: An 8-ounce “custom” beef patty with all the traditional veggies for a thick and giant burger. The patty isn’t your typical frozen number, and that’s a plus for sure. Best with fries and, of course, a good beer.
  • Pot Roast Sandwich: A Thursday night special featuring roasted gristly slices of roast with a sweet au jus sauce to dip it in. Served with a few different side options, probably my favorite being something mild like cole slaw.
  • Mozzarella wedges: Triangles, not rods, these might throw you for one but the fruity marinara sauce moderates the spicy very nicely. Probably best for a started shared by two or three.
  • Strawberry Shake-Up: One of the house well cocktails that suits if you’re not up for beer. These can be on the sweeter side.

Easy does it, tends to be the overall theme here. The food is approachable, the bar is pretty informal and the crowd peaks around whenever there’s a big game around town. That can mean service slows down at those points, too, so make sure to order ahead of time and plan around it.

The prices are pretty good and the bar is aiming for something unambitious – a good and steady local sports bar experience that doesn’t break the bank. In that sense it certainly succeeds, and the direction of the menu of late has moved more to the higher quality as well, and that certainly does a few favors in what could otherwise be a boring meal. But the spot is a safe one, and the food isn’t too bad at all.


  • Every day has a different set of happy hour specials and a different dish that’s good to eat. Food and drinks change by day.
  • Every bar has a great patio and there’s a crowd on warm nights and when the games are on. I recommend this one when you want a good outdoor time.
  • Consider the burger and the sandwiches as the best things to give a start.

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