Tai’s Asian Bistro

1285 W. Lane Ave.
Columbus, OH 43221

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A very busy Chinese food takeout on W. Lane Ave., this spot takes advantage of the sizable Ohio State population across the river as well as plenty of hungry people in Upper Arlington and Grandview Heights as well. It’s an efficient operation, lots of people coming and going over the course of the day picking up their food lightning fast. The model certainly means that there are a lot of people coming and going from that parking lot at all hours, and while you will enjoy the ambience of such an efficient operation, there’s a lot of competition in this town and the question is does this place stand out?

The menu runs the gamut of Chinese American and Japanese cuisine. Quite a few things to try. Among them:

  • Sushi: Every role is cooked to order and there are quite a few specialties on this menu in addition to a few boilerplate kind of rolls. Fresh fish always makes the difference in good sushi, and because of salmon tuna and yellowtail are definitely tasty, and the creative presentation matters. It’s all about the quality.
  • Lo Mein: These old fashion noodles are served up extra oily and with plenty of meat of your choice, onions and cabbage. One top of this is giant and definitely a few meals, a little on the oily end though.
  • Pad Thai: A little bit of space add some dimension to these noodles with eggs and beans sprouts and a few other things. Probably one of the better items on the noodle menu.
  • Sesame chicken: This one’s a crowd pleaser everywhere but the dish here kind of falls short. The same sweet sauce that tends to stick to rice nicely, which is good, but it’s pretty much generic at this point. Go more inspiring!

The appeal of this place is how convenient it is, and thanks to the location so close to so many neighborhoods, you’re sure to find it full. The prices are very convenient and overall this spot is an easy one to find and appreciate. The real question remains what is it going to be that brings you here versus other places? There are great noodle shops in Columbus, great takeout joints, great sushi places. Sure, not all of them have the wide range that this one does, but each is worth a trip.

Convenience is great, but none of the dishes I’ve tried here really inspired me. The sushi isn’t bad and a few other things show promise, but when it comes to dishes worth a special trip, keep looking. Columbus is full of special places. 


  • Very convenient for takeout, and very commonly a stop for people looking to grab a quick bite near Ohio State and Upper Arlington. 
  • Ordering sushi and other dishes tend to come out at the same speed when dining in, which is to say very fast. 
  • Try the sushi. 

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2 thoughts on “Tai’s Asian Bistro

  1. Hi! Long time reader, first time commenter. I would suggest you try Tai’s Dan Dan Noodles and their wor su gai.

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