Queen City Whip

212 W. 12th St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202
websiteIt’s a delightfully simple operation, the Queen City Whip food truck is permanently parked right outside Queen City Radio, an ever-more-popular bar in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. The operation is necessarily simple: slinging burgers, chili dogs and simple street foods that you can nosh while you’re enjoying a drink in this extensive bar or on the patio. While the scene can be a little loud, everything about the simplicity just fits here. There’s nothing like a drink and a burger on a patio. This spot proves it.

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The menu is short and simple, and most of the time that’s really all you need. Half a dozen things at a time, typically staples of Cincinnati cuisine. And easy to like:

  • Whip Classic Burger: The star of the show, by a long shot! This beast has a blend of chuck, brisket and sirloin mixed and grilled medium rare with a toasted bun topped with lettuce, tomato, red onions, pickle, ketchup, mustard, mayo and cheddar. You pick this thing up, it’s a mess. You bite into it, the meat’s soft, juicy and the crunch of the bun and onion, salty cheese, all of it just hits home. There are no words. 
  • Chili Dog: The consummate Cincinnati dish. An all-beef hotdog topped with a classic chili recipe and flakes of cheddar cheese. Mustard and onions snuck in too for a spicy aftertaste. Comfy. 
  • Fries: Simple, salty and perfect to fill a stomach while you’re drinking. If you like, top them with that same wonderful chili-cheese combination. 

The system makes perfect sense which is great; you pace an order and can wait to pick it up. It’s like almost any other food truck but with the added convenience of being parked here all the time. And you can’t beat the ambiance; the bar has quickly become a favorite thanks to its huge patio and the extended beer list and two-stories of fun.

Queen City Radio is such a fun hang-out spot with such a simple charm that it makes perfect sense for the place to have a simple food option that’s equally comforting. If you’re in this bar, it’s a definite good fit. 


  • This is the resident food option for Queen City Radio, but food can be taken to go, as well. 
  • Absolutely recommend the burger as a thing on the menu, everything else here can be shared, but that’s gonna be one you’ll want to really enjoy.
  • Perfect when the weather is good. 

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