Flavors of India

59 Spruce St
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Facebook pageAs the North Market goes, Flavors of India is a veritable dinosaur, albeit a delicious one. This spot opened its doors in 1991 and it’s still a specialist for the downtown Columbus crowd, serving up Indian cuisine and specializes in the food from the northern region of the country, which is characterized by curries, masala spices, tumeric and corriander amply in many of the foods it serve. These bring food with a mild but rising heat that satisfies the palette and keeps the belly toasty.

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The menu is cafeteria style owing to the rush of people in the North Market, and expect this one to keep a steady crowd all the time. Among the good food I tried:

  • Chicken Curry: The most popular dish on the menu most likely, the chicken cubed and is stewed with a very common set of spices – turmeric, coriander, ginger and garlic – for a simple and satisfying dish.
  • Lamb Curry: Similar to the Chicken curry but a kind of meat that reacts to the spices in a different way. Much heavier and stronger, and the red meat reflects the heat a little better, I think.
  • Chicken Makhani: This chicken is stewed in a spicy tomato sauce with a not subtle garam masala that makes it a bit smoother and more herbal than hot. The sauce is thicker, too, and so the end result is meatier too.
  • Roti: This type of flatbread is different from naan with stoneground wholemeal flower, or atta, and water. So, it’s moist but still perfect to dip into that wonderful sauce.

The stand is a quick stall, similar to the others in the North Market, in that seating is upstairs and they tend to have food based on the traffic in the space that day – sometimes they’re just gonna sell out of things. But the people are very friendly and in general they’re great in preparing the food consistently, and serving it up quickly, and overall providing an experience that doesn’t commonly show up in downtown Columbus.

I see why people love this place so much, why it’s got the prime real estate in the market and why it’s always got a line. It’s one of the unsung favorites that this town really loves. Definitely one of the stalls you have to visit to get a full North Market experience.


  • It isn’t uncommon to see the North Market packed at lunch hour, and sometimes they’ll run low on food afterwards. Best result? Come early. It’ll be better to grab seating too.
  • The roti looks like an option. It’s not, it’s absolutely perfect with the saucy curry.
  • There’s a chance for a combination plate, and I recommend it, especially to try both a curry and a makhani.

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