Kai’s Crab Boil

839 Bethel Rd.
Columbus, OH 43214

Showing up on the Columbus restaurant scene in 2018, Kai’s Crab Boil is the latest addition to the plentiful and diverse set of dining options on Bethel Road, this one offering kind of the classic seafood boil experience common in the South, but percolating with interest among everyone else who loves seafood, really. You pick the kind of food you want, pick the seasoning and it’ll come to you — in a bag. But not to worry! Grab a set of gloves and dive in.

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So a seafood boil is a raw experience and you have to be ready for that. You order a set of seafood and pick the spices, and it gets boiled in the back and brought out in a huge bag, which they dump on the tablecloth and let you go to town. You add in whatever you like. Here are some of the things to toss in:

  • Shrimp: Probably the favorite medium for these, the shrimp are served shell-on but they sop up plenty of butter and seasonings and make for a whole mess of goodness. Crunchy and the perfect finger food.
  • Crab legs: True to form, these are cooked until they’re soft on the inside. Crack one open and pop that soft, delicate meat.
  • Corn: Served as half an ear and naturally gets dipped in that wonderful buttery sauce. While the corn is soft as a result, it’s another great addition to a seafood boil that turns out just great.
  • Chicken wings: OK, so these are a side dish, to taste. They’re relatively simple, fried until they’re crispy, and served without really any seasonings or special sauces, though you can get a bit of barbecue sauce on the side. Not the special here, but still great.

The restaurant is a traditional service restaurant otherwise, but the special way of doing things here, with the chance to really go at the seafood and just get into it!

Kai’s has a decent number of rules, which is what it is. The place basically stops serving and only does take-out half an hour before close. They pretty frequently run out of favorites – lobster and clams being two that sometimes vanish quickly, so check the social media just before you head there.

The servers in the restaurant are great and the food comes pretty quickly. Prices are to be expected with the medium we’re dealing with. All in all, a very memorable experience.


  • Come as early as possible because they sell out of certain seafoods during they day and like to close the dining room down early.
  • Definitely a group dining experience. Best for two or three. Don’t wear anything you don’t mind seeing a little messy!
  • Get a good mix of seafood. Go bold the first time.

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