My Bar 161

3534 W. Dublin Granville Rd.
Columbus, OH 43235
websiteA dive bar sitting on the northern cusp of the city of Columbus, My Bar 161 finds its bargoers among the neighborhoods along the Sawmill Road corridor, Route 161 and the other primarily blue collar denizens who make up the industry of the city. Regularly drawing people in for attractions like karaoke night, live music and keno, this spot has an easygoing vibe that carries it all day long, too. Pretty straightforward experience.

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The menu is mostly the familiar pub grub with a few creative curves to some of it. Some memorable dishes:

  • Burger: Not too bad, the pretty classic Americana take, cooked to order, but the medium rare version I got came out well done. Thin patty, but then likely out of a freezer. A pretty predictable experience.
  • Wings: Boneless come fried and drenched in whatever sauce you might like and dipped in ranch to tase, if preferred. The sauces aren’t all that surprising but the wings can be crunchy if they’re eaten quickly.
  • Buffalo chicken wrap: My favorite thing on the menu, fried chicken and plenty of buffalo sauce give a crispiness and a heat to the whole wrap. Memorable for the drippy, messy charm.
  • Pretzel bites: These are easy to pop and served with a queso dip which matches surprisingly well but gets cold and stiff fast, too.
  • Potato poppers: Kind of a mix between tater tots and jalapeno poppers, these instead have chopped up peppers with cheese inside, giving them kind of a slight hot but manageable.

The prices are low and the place is easy to patronize for that reason. There’s usually a local beer on tap and they’ve made a point to expand their offerings the past few years to accommodate growing tastes. Most menu items can be purchased a la carte, and that seems especially popular with the barflies who love the place.

Dives like this one always have a following and they aren’t too critical, so they’re gonna sustain an audience. But there are a lot of great bars in this area if you aren’t familiar, many offering thoughtful menus. That’s not the scene here, but not to say it’s wrong. 

Weeknights, weekends and afternoons alike, the place has always been welcoming, and that’s a plus for sure. I’m hopeful to see them continue to evolve as time and competition demand. 


  • Lots of entertainment options on weeknights to come through here including live music. Check the website for a schedule. 
  • Good spot for watching local sports without paying too much on food. 
  • Very nice and accommodating staff. 

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