2108 E. Carson St.
Pittsburgh, PA

The South Side of Pittsburgh has dozens of bars within a few blocks, including bars of many kinds. More than a few of these places have a lot of creativity to them, too. It only makes sense then that it has a speakeasy, kind of hidden within the storefronts and instead confined to an innocuous looking shop with only a few empty light bulbs in the windows. But walk in and you see a place with plenty of exciting things. Yep, this hidden bar is a charm.



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The bar menu changes frequently, but a few cocktails have been worthy. Some of those that I tried:

  • My Horse is Lame: A summer 2019 drink. Features Wild Turkey 101, Cynar 70, vanilla, ginger, lemon and a little cayenne pepper to heighten the temperature a bit.
  • The Pisco Kid: A fall 2018 drink. Pisco, bazil, yuzu, cucumber and egg white. This one had the kind of warmth and brightness befitting a cocktail in a speakeasy, and made for an easy drink despite its thickness.
  • Violent Femme: A fall 2018 drink. Boyd & Blair Vodka, Lavendar, Rosemary, Lime, Creme de Violette and some champagne to moderate. Striking for the floral aroma.
  • Old Fashioned: A classic year-round cocktail of course and a recipe built long before. A whiskey of your choice with orange and bitters. Simple, very easy.
  • Punch: Friday and Saturday nights are for punch. And these punches are usually made with a milder spirit like a vodka or maybe a little rum, and overwhelmingly a bright and fruity concoction.

The bar has a small rear area that makes room for larger groups but for the most part you’re confined to a relatively compact interior with a few booths and about ten stools at the bar itself. The ambiance is wonderful, low-lit and slightly hazy like a prohibition-era dive. It’s a splendid way to escape!

The service is similarly low-key, and particularly friendly and talkative. I think the relatively intimate nature of the bar leaves them a little flexibility for some banter and friendliness. It’s nice to have bars like this, even when it sometimes means that the small sizes can limit the number of people who are exposed to the place.

This bar is just a unique place to go, and it’s too much fun and worth appreciating. Make a point for a trip.


  • This small bar is perfect for couples or very small groups. It’s otherwise pretty tough to get a seat! Though there are occasionally a few tables in the back.
  • Punch night offers something a little new and very easy drinking.

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