Buckeye Bourbon House

36 E Gay St.
Columbus, OH 43215

Columbus is overflowing with great craft beer bars, and there’s a surging cocktail scene here as well. But if you’re a bourbon fan, your options are considerably more limited, especially around the lively downtown scene. Buckeye Bourbon House, built into the ground floor of a Gay Street hotel, this one has a massive selection of bottles and some of the nicest years you’ll find in town. And a classy, very low-key kinda vibe that’s definitely photogenic to say the least. Columbus bourbon lovers, you’ll find something here to like.

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The bar has this wonderful and very charming selection of cocktails to take a look at:

  • Old Fashioned: So the theme among these cocktails is they’re going to tend toward simplicity. You pick the exact bourbon you like and they’ll add just a subtle twist to it. In this case, a little bit of sugar, some bitters and singed rhind. It’s all good.
  • Rye Manhattan: Vermouth and bitters are all you need to add to this one. Really sweet and a bit more straight a shot than an old fashioned.

When you’re hungry, there’s a brief menu of mostly small plates to enjoy as well. Among them:

  • Pickle Board: A charcuterie board with a mixture of pickled things – cauliflower, green beans, baby corn and a little mustard to spice them up a bit. Then drop in a few salty nuts to kind of moderate the dish. 
  • Roasted vegetable tacos: Pepper, onion, black beans, pico de gallo, lettuce and sour cream top these mini bar tacos, which are good and munch-able for the small group who wants to spend a little time here and enjoy some cocktails. 

The bar features a great deal of variety in the drinks it serves, but if you know bourbon, you’re probably just going to want a pretty simple drink, and fortunately they have over 50 varieties of bourbon here, many including a few different years of good bottles. Then lots of varieties of the common ones seen all around American bars. Plus a few Ohio names too, if you’re craving a bit of local.

Altogether this bar is a unique one with a different feel and definitely kind of a quiet presence in downtown Columbus. I’d recommend it as a place to get away and enjoy a good drink, without too much fuss. The people are great and the prices are good.


  • This is one of few good bourbon bars in the city, and definitely one I recommend if you have a bourbon lover in a group.
  • There are some small plates and pub foods, so this is a place that is worth visiting if you are hungry, too.
  • Lots of bar games to enjoy if you’re so inclined.

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