Barley’s Brewing Co.

467 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43215

Opening its doors in 1992, Barley’s Brewing Co. now sits squarely in the middle of Short North-meets Arena District, meaning a lot of people coming to Columbus’ coolest places come through these doors. A British-themed pub with an old-fashioned bar and a kind of close-feeling bar. While the district these days are tending toward much higher tempo bars, clubs and cocktail lounges, it’s still home to some of the most cherished dive bars in town. This one, with its kind of old school feel, retains that interest. 

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The beers are the best by far. What I like: 

  • Scottish Ale: A mild, very drinkable and comforting mid-body ale. This has been reliably on tap as one of the consistent beers. Nice to sip.
  • Scotchy Scottish Ale: Take the above-mentioned mild beer and age it in a barrel of scotch. You get a punchier beer with an 8.5% ABV and a noticeably spirited sip. 
  • Oktoberfest: A wonderful, warm brown ale with a beautiful hue and a nice, pleasant smoothness.
  • Blood Thirst Wheat: I love this mild but very oat-forward flavor, with a bit of citrus to it. A good but sturdy summer drink. 
  • Pilsner: Marketed as an “introduction” kinda brew, this one is lightly malty and hoppy, though it has a slightly stronger flavor though it’s still “crushable.” 

Then there’s the food. This bar generally does upscale pub grub, but still worth a try. What I like:

  • Hummus: Pretty to-the-point, served with a medley of veggies and an olive dip.
  • Wings: Made with a dry rub and charred on the outside. The seasoning is dusted on, so some of it comes right off, but otherwise, pretty good. 
  • Burger: Egregious and delicious, get it medium rare! Huge and juicy patty of meat topped with onion rings, bacon, lettuce and tomatoes and the works. This burger rocks!

The bar has a spacious interior that can otherwise be hard to find in the Short North. It’s also got the added bonus of sort of being hidden in between some of the trendier places around it; you want to go to a quieter bar in one of the hotter areas of town, you’ll struggle to find one, until you come to this place. It’s great.

Prices are pretty good, service is friendly and the food comes fast. As a good dive bar goes, this one pulls it off and keeps the friendly sense that really serves it well. It grows on you. 


  • This is a quieter dive bar for Arena District, so it’s a good place to go if you want a break from the crazier crowds.
  • Don’t ignore the grub. The burger is the best thing on the menu but there’s plenty other stuff to try. 
  • There are plenty of in-house beers but a lot of other good local stuff on tap too. 

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