Java Central Cafe

20 S. State St.
Westerville, OH 43081

Nestled amid the ever-changing storefronts in downtown Westerville, Ohio, Java Central is a place where you can literally watch a small town grow and change. Columbus is the fastest growing city in the Midwest, and the hamlets that ring it are slowly transforming into suburbs feeding residents, businesses and commerce to the expanding beast. And so Westerville reflects it; antique storefronts and quaint little flower shops give way to breweries, tattoo shops, exercise studios, and whatever the young people who are moving to the scores of new houses in the area fancy. Amid all of this, Java Central’s a quiet and relaxed place to enjoy a bit of peace.

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Look for a mix of people when you step in the doors; this shop draws a mix of local business owners, young people living or working nearby, or students from Otterbein University. And they roast their own beans here! Some of the things to like in this spot:

  • Founder’s Blend: This is the signature coffee brew that is made in-house in homage to the shop’s history. It’s got a mild steady flavor and middle-of-the-road kinda vibe.
  • Cafe au lait: A velvety and sweet drink, maybe lower on caffeine and higher on sweetness but pleasant all the same.
  • Grasshopper Mocha: You get the minty sweetness in this thick, shake-like mocha. Good for a kick-start with some chocolate.
  • Latte: Kind of a tamer drink, this one comes plain and with just a bit of froth on the top.
  • Egg & Cheese Breakfast sandwich: A Croissant stuffed with wonderful, gooey goodness. Can be stuffed with a lot of other things, bacon and sausage and whatnot. Simplicity, here, is king.

The shop has a ton of seating in the front, along the side of the shop in the patio, and into the back where there are tables. It’s a study spot for the Otterbein kids, and of course those need to be the kinds of coffee shops where you can spend some time and really enjoy it.

Everyone has a coffee shop they love, a small town place where you can relax, unwind and dig into an interesting book or a tough paper. Westerville is well-served with this little gem. Keep it coming.


  • Light breakfast and lunch is available here, which is perfect! This is the kind of spot where you’ll want to hang out a while and enjoy yourself. But some items can be made to-go too.
  • A lot of baked goodies coming here from other places like popular Destination Donuts and gluten-free bakeries. But they make some in-house here too.
  • Frequent this shop? There’s a membership program for frequent coffee drinkers, too.

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