Ill Mannered Brewing Co.

38 Grace Dr.
Powell, OH 43065
When it set up shop near downtown Powell in 2015, it must have been a bit of curiosity for that small town near Columbus to get a craft beer bar, but it quickly stuck. Now, with more people finding places to drink in this growing city, there’s no doubting the pleasure in finding a good place to settle in with a beer. The 3,000-square-foot taproom here has a charm, feeling a bit hidden from the other places in the city while bringing a few good drinking options.

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  • Effe Off: Banana and clove are the early satisfying flavor to this hefeweizen, but there’s a sturdiness and a 5.5 ABV that makes it a steady drink.
  • Powell! Right in the Kisser: This IPA doesn’t pack the bitter punch you’d think the name entails, instead it’s a little more mild and indeed has some fruit hints late in there.
  • Dark Ego: Chocolate & roasted coffee notes hit you right at the beginning, but then the flavor becomes a bit more complex thanks to the coriander and pink hima worked in. Sour would be a good word.
  • Nice Vice: A breakfast stout, this one wakes you up thanks to Ethiopian cold brew coffee sourced from Ramble Coffee in nearby Worthington.
  • Ill Manna Shanda: The “leminade shandy” option is going to be a total change-up if you’re otherwise drinking heavy beers. This one is bright, and really, really sweet. Kind of like drinking a sugar cookie. Choose carefully.
  • Malt Tank: A Scottish ale always has this wonderful, smooth and malty spectrum with a caramel and maybe some impression of smokiness.
  • Flat Black: A coffee stout with a nice caramel twinge to it. Not too much of that java bitterness to it, but in fact kind of a smooth, sweet brew.

With a newly larger space, and a definitely more relaxing outdoor scene with a fire circle, this bar is a good one in the summers as folks look for something a little more sunshine-friendly. The price points are about normal and the typical service is pretty accommodating and friendly to the casual drinker and the beer wonk alike.

All in all, a pretty relaxing experience, which is what you come to hope for in Powell. There’s a charm to that, and Ill Mannered makes for a nice local experience if you’re in town on a day trip. Good for lounging a while.


  • This bar is a good one for a flight because there are so many beers on the menu at any one time and all show a great differentiation from one another.
  • There’s a menu of food trucks that regularly make an appearance, check the website for food options.
  • Good for fruity beers and darker stouts and ales, this spot specializes in a few brews at once.

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