Prohibition Gastro Lounge

21 W Olentangy St.
Powell, OH 43065

Powell, Ohio has a few different local watering holes, but Prohibition Gastro Lounge seems to be the most popular. Not just because it’s got an immense outdoor area, but a semi enclosed clubhouse where live music can play, and a prohibition themed bar and upstairs area that attract small groups. It’s not just the food that people like here, or the almost steampunk ambience, but a great set of cocktails and a wide menu of beer. You’ll definitely want to eat here, and grab a drink while you stay for the rest.

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The menu is diverse, true to gastropub form, and has a lot of room for customization to taste. Some of the things to try:

  • Pulled pork: Thick, stacked pork smothered with a house-made sweet molasses-based slaw. To top it off is a celery-based coleslaw with plenty of little seeds that add a crunch and vinegar that moderates the sweet sauce. This isn’t supposed to be a place known specifically for barbecue, and yet the sandwich is oh-so-tempting.
  • Grilled Salmon: A simple delight, grilled salmon takes a deft hand. This one was ordered medium rare, a tough thing to make and it came, well perfectly. A citrus basil glaze tops it off, which adds a little bitter dimension to the naturally mild fish.
  • Brussels sprouts: Tossed with seasonings and fried so the outer leaves are just a bit brown and crispy, these end up a bit oily.
  • Lentil hummus: A hummus and lentil mixture actually comes together very nicely, especially served with crudites and crackers. 

Cocktails, too, are a specialty here, and many are historically popular with a strong emphasis on recipes developed during prohibition:

  • Kentucky Rain: A house-developed cocktail with Four Roses Small Batch, Jalapeno Infused Agave, Lime, Fleur de Sel and a gradual but very apparent heat that will sneak up on you.
  • Jack Rose: Another classic cocktail with a modern take here. This Prohibition-era sip has applejack, grenadine, and lime. A slight and wonderful fruitiness. 
  • Last Word: This pleasant, cloudy and slightly-sweet cocktail is a pretty common order. It’s a simple concoction of Bombay, Green Chartreuse, Luxardo, Lime and has that simple and light gin and tonic-like flavor. But there’s an added dimension.

The restaurant has a few different dining areas which each have a different feel. The downstairs bar kind of has the sense of a quiet local restaurant, while the upstairs bar gets a little louder especially on the weekends. In the summers, expect a lively time on that outdoor patio and fieldhouse. All of this makes for a bar that somehow melds to suit your mood, whatever that is when you walk in.

There’s a reason it’s a favorite hang-out joint for Powell, which is just that it’s such a great range of food that it makes well. Powell is on the cusp of a big city and there are plenty of good restaurants you will want to try if you know where to go. The best part of this one is just the incredibly welcoming ambiance. Good for a date or a group night out.


  • Cocktails and beer are going to be worth trying when you step in the door, and don’t try to make an experience of the place without them.
  • Outside is perfect on summer nights and there will be plenty of entertainment, too.
  • Bigger groups ought to seek a reservation, this isn’t a place that can seat too many people for food service.

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  1. Great post and content! Can’t wait to see future posts I travel in this area for work sometimes and these places don’t always pop up when googling restaurants nearby

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