Another Food Critic celebrates 1,000 reviews!

Another Food Critic recently celebrated nine years. Nine years of writing about food! But there’s a bigger reason to celebrate — we’ve just posted restaurant review 1,000!

That’s a ton of food, and a ton of memories. A thousands stops on a journey, and definitely a sense of excitement.

Some takeaways from the numbers:

  • Ohio foodie: Over 800 of the 1,000 reviews came from Ohio. Dayton has the most, with 403 reviews. Columbus is second with 174, Cincinnati with 133. Athens, Ohio has 68.
  • Plenty of good food! 10% of the restaurants got five-star reviews, with 35% four-star restaurants, 43% three-star restaurants, 10% two-star restaurants. Just one percent got a one-star review. Just one got a top-notch title in Sterling, that’d be Chicago’s Blackbird, which is only one on this list with a Michelin star.

    Blackbird: Still the top-rated restaurant.

  • Food far and wide! We’re published reviews in 15 states, plus the District of Columbia and one province in Canada. While we’ve been to a few more countries than that, I think it’s been good to stick relatively close to home, just for the sake that cultural ideas of food and service have different standards in other places.
  • Restaurants come, restaurants go. Just over 100 restaurants have shut their doors since we looked at them. And how we miss them! It’s crazy to look back at 2010. Some of the places I wrote about early on are huge chains now. Some larger chains back then are all but gone now. It’s a cycle.

Don Pablo’s, once a huge chain, now a memory.

  • A whole lot of different cuisine is out there! The tag cloud, which you’ll find at the bottom of the site, lists the top things I’ve tried at different restaurants, but that’s just the beginning. There are 1,070 different foods and drinks I’ve tagged.
  • The favorites rise to the top! The things we’ve critiqued the most won’t surprise a Midwesterner. Right now we’ve tried 216 different takes on fries, 201 different burgers, 160 different salads, 149 different sandwiches. And, well, 132 places have served white rice. Hey! You can imagine some kinds of foods pop up in restaurant after restaurant.

Ray’s Hell Burger: Still the best burger I’ve ever had.

And in all this time, you, the reader have changed too! People read blogs a little differently in an era where every reservation app, website and social media seemingly offers its own reviews. There’s really many more voices out there than there used to be.

The journey continues, and I’m very excited to continue to try new places and bring you the insights. Thank you all so much for reading!

-Tristan, Another Food Critic.

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