Blue Door Cafe & Bakery

1970 State Rd.
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223

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Like any true dive, the Blue Door Cafe has absolutely no distinguishing features to ensure you know what you’ve found when you stumble upon it. But when you do step in, you find a place highly in demand with a tiny little dining room that is crowded all day especially during brunch. Step up to the counter and you can take monstrous baked goods to go, whether you’re hopeful for a good cinnamon roll, scones, croissants or what have you. And find something worth taking home, you inevitably will. 

The menu is chock full of great things to try. Some worth a sample: 

  • Smoked King Salmon & Eggs — Toasted croissant, topped with fluffy scrambled eggs, raw smoked New Zealand king salmon, some red onions and capers to add a little attitude. Crunchy, a little smokey and salty. The perfect take on lox, without the common mistake of too many heavy flavors crushing the salmon. 
  • Chocolate quiche: The quiche is wonderful for its easy, flaky crispiness, and a soft and wonderful egg and spinach-based filling. The chocolate version is out for some special occasions, and has some added dimension but not too much. 
  • Shrimp and Grits: This combo is popular for many reasons. Buttery grits weigh well against the salty shrimp, and a smothering of a creamy egg adds another dimension to it all. Texture-wise it feels especially diverse which is a good alternative to what can often be a heavy mushy dish. 
  • Raspberry Bars: These fruit bars are shoveled in large numbers but one bite is all you need. Fruity but not sweet. 
  • Cider: A simpler thing to sip on, with a notable acidity but not too sweet.
  • Mimosa: Who doesn’t want one with brunch? Well balanced and citrusy. 

The restaurant benefits from the relatively small size that the food tends to come quickly. The truth though is the place is almost constantly busy on weekend brunches and there’s usually a line. You can call ahead and put in a reservation, which I highly recommend, but then your whole party has to get there on time. The wait in such a small place can otherwise be frustrating. 

Price points are pretty normal for a brunch place and the service is very nice, though it’s understandably quick as the restaurant values turning tables over quickly and happily to lingering. And you really will want to take some bakery items to go. Something is just charming and quaint about a place like this, even when it’s gained the kind of popularity that it has. Worth the wait. 


  • Reservations highly recommended, especially on the weekends, because this spot has an old-fashioned reservation system and a common wait line. 
  • Baked goods are very popular for their size, but again something you’ll want to call ahead for. 
  • The menu changes for some special occasions, such as around Valentine’s Day. 

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