Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

215 N. 4th St.
Columbus, OH 43215

Downtown Columbus has seen enormous transformation over a few years, from a relatively quiet place to one teeming with people into the evenings and weekends. It used to be that people thought there wasn’t much to do here, but that’s not the case anymore. Complex places like Wolf’s Ridge Brewery make that possible; this downtown spot has a more formal sit-down style dining area and a decidedly casual taproom area, each with different menus but many of the same brews. You’ll want to come back a few different times.

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The brews and the food are both fantastic. Some of the things I enjoyed:

  • RL Valley Burger: Topped with a killer combination of smoked cheddar, hop-pickled jalapenos, chipotle ranch and an onion ring, this giant creation feels like a masterpiece from a backyard barbecue. Very smokey, only a bit of heat, and overall a very satisfying greasy crunch.
  • Porchetta Club Sandwich: One of those bar specialities that doesn’t get picked so often unless you really know it’s good. Bacon, Swiss cheese, smoked cheddar, and an “enhanced” mayo with all kinds of richness.
  • Cheese Place: This one is a bit lighter. Cheeses, jams, walnuts and crostinis in whatever configuration is available that day; this dish is better when shared and definitely with some of the lower-alcohol beers with milder flavor.

Then there are the beers. Overall the place has a great selection of hoppier, heavier brews. Some of my favorites:

  • Star Gazer: Session IPAs like this one tend to pack a punch. Sure enough, this concoction has citra, mosaic, and amarillo hops, all of which complement for a fresh, pungent flavor. 
  • Brick House: A red IPA generally around as a mid-range beer in the warmer months. A little heavier on the front but with a comfy lightness. 
  • Feuer Und Wasser: A smokes helles lager made with beechwood smoked malt. A mild dark flavor on the front, but still a smooth drink.
  • Costa Del Sol: This Key Lime gose is strong on the tart factor. But still good for warmer weather days.
  • Heartlandia: An American lager made with Ohio with locally-grown barley and hops. Hopped down, but still just swell.

The prewpub side has kind of an easygoing feel that mainly keeps it popular into the evenings, while the restaurant side is especially popular during lunch hour and at brunch, because it’s got a larger seating arrangement and reservation system that makes it much easier to just drop in. Both, though, have different menus, so it’s worth it to come back and at least see which you are more in the mood for.

Wolf’s Ridge gets a little more crowded every time you visit, and I think that’s because the secret is out on the place. Good food, a nice atmosphere and a constantly creative set of new brews that shoes a lot of creativity. This is one to make a point to visit.


  • There’s a different menu for the taproom and dining room side; one has a reservation system and the other is a little more casual. One has a longer menu the other is a bit more about convenience.
  • Lots of good beers on tap, but this spot specializes in the heavier and hoppier beers.
  • Consider the burger and club sandwich good grub if you’ve got a serious appetite.

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