C. Krueger’s

17 Brickel St.
Columbus, OH 43215

Having just popped up of the main stretch of the Short North, C. Krueger is the brain child of Cheryl Krueger, one of Ohio’s longest standing bakers and legendary cookie maven. You’d know the first half of her name from the other shop she founded, Cheryl’s Cookies, but this new shop was formed seemingly to take the baking expertise in a different direction. These cookies are individually packaged in bulk and allow for the classic delivery that makes cookie shops like this one so popular. But then, again, there’s something to be said for wandering through the shop itself, too.

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Every cookie is individually packaged, so there are a few options. Some I like:

  • Belgian Triple Chocolate Cookie: Chocolate on chocolate! The over-the-top chocolate cookie is complemented with chunks of white chocolate to add a little character.
  • Cranberry Apricot Oat Cookie: Cranberry and apricot are similar texture-wise, but the cranberry overtakes the other flavors, including cinnamon. Oats make for a crunchiness, though.
  • Pumpkin Cookie with Spiced Buttercream Frosting: A fall flavor! A little nutmeg and cinnamon make this one memorable.
  • Sweet and Salty Peanut Butter Cookie: It’s pretty well understood by now how salt elevates flavors so well. But it’s a much more slight hand that works well here, and the salt isn’t
  • Peanut Butter with Chocolate Fudge Icing: Two very heavy flavors, peanut butter and fudge, go well in concert. The icing is stronger but the peanut butter picks up after that.
  • Apple Fritter: One of the non-cookie backed goodies. Lots of layers of pastry with a sweet apple filling inside and lots of chunks of apple to add to them. The fritter has a little bit of a flaky outside but the sweetness of the fritter isn’t overwhelming.

The cookie shop has a nice, unique feel unlike other kinds of cookie shops, which have this uniform kitsch to them. Reflecting its real estate, this on instead set up in a bit more of an industrial feel with high ceilings and lots of brick. Maybe this doesn’t at first seem like it makes sense with a delicate kinda baked good like a cookie, but this shop is about a bit of reinvention.

The shop is aimed at a wide variety of flavors but keeps that classic friendly bake shop feel. And the comfort of the baked goodies is there too. Cheryl Krueger’s next chapter is bringing back those memories of happy times for sure.


  • The cookies can be ordered by the box, and this makes a very convenient gift.
  • Don’t just go for cookies,  too, because there are other baked goods.
  • The shop does offer some candies and other refreshments it doesn’t make, either. Nice to keep in mind; the Short North has fewer locally-grown businesses of late.

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