Versailles Cuban Bakery

3501 SW 8th St.
Miami, FL 33135

An enormous, stylish eatery located on the famous Calle Ocho in Miami is beloved little Havana neighborhood, this restaurant features a lot of modern takes on  Cuban cuisine, which is well and already very familiar to the diners southern Florida. Not to be outdone, it also has a set of locations called the Versailles Café that can be found in the concourses of the Miami international airport, giving people a taste of the flavor as they pass through. Suffice it to say this place is typically one of the top recommendations from travel writer is when they talk about what to eat in the Miami airport.

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No, you can’t necessarily re-create the bustling eclectic neighborhood van out in an airport, but stylish format and superior eating remains.

The menu was based on me wonderful, happy street food in Cuban cuisine.  It does add an occasional flourish here and there, but largely remains faithful to the style. Some of the things worth trying:

  • Famous Cuban:  this is the sandwich for which the restaurant is best known, probably the most recognizable sandwich in all of Cuban cuisine. Slices of ham and pork with a swipe of mustard and a pickle, all sandwiched between a crispy baguette. All of it is this nice combo of savory, crispy and meaty  with a sense of comfort. Its a thick, dense sandwich with a heavy and worthwhile flavor.
  • Empanada: This turnover is nothing less than a masterpiece. Crispy and flaky crust on the outside gives away to filling with chicken and veggies, thick a crispy and flaky crust on the outside gives way to filling with chicken and veggies, and satisfying.
  • Cuban Espresso: Another specialty that makes many a morning around Little Havana. This coffee is a jolt, but definitely packs a lot of caffeine in a little cup.

The casual style restaurant definitely matches but you find around Calle Ocho. Kind of a bodega style walk up where you order your food and then take it with you.

Prices are just fine given the quality of the food you find here but what really gets you is the simplicity of the experience; Little Havana is not just a place for food and tourist sightseeing; this is a close-knit community with a ton of character to it, and a charm. Fortunate to see places like this making such a positive impression on locals and travelers alike. This place is a bright star in an already wonderful set of places to dine along Calle Ocho. Give it a try.


  • The stuff to the airport are every bit as good as the Little Havana location.
  • This is a good morning spot if just for the coffee and cold sandwiches.
  • The Cuban is the best thing to try.

Cafe Versailles - Miami International Airport Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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