Taqueria Michoacan

183 Aldine Bender Rd.
Houston, Texas 77060
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The best Mexican food in the south can often be found at the most unexpected little dives and stands, and Houston a balance with these kind of places. Strip mall is entirely devoted to little Taquerias and tiendas Many of which sport very unexpectedly good restaurants. So it pays to be a little bit adventurous, see places off the beaten path and just give them a try to see if you were pleasantly surprised.

This one started off promising, but just did not pan out.

This restaurant is partly a convenience store and partly a sit-down dining place so you might be a little bit confused when you walk in. Nor does it help that language is strongly a barrier here, unless you are very capable of speaking Spanish, though I did manage to get by a moderate amount.

Some of the things I tried:

  • Chips and salsa: Maybe a little bit of an interesting take on this app, the salsa is made with a little bit of tomato soup I suspect, which makes it distinct.
  • Taquitos: Fried and rolled flour tortillas stuffed with meat and cheese and then topped with an enormous salad with avocado and lettuce and sour cream. It’s not that, very crunchy definitely filling.
  • Beef fajitas: So these are the best thing on the menu, they came sizzling hot and remained that way over the course of the meal, with a big side of vegetables and some fresh flour tortillas to add to it. But you will definitely find yourself with more meat than you can handle. These are definitely good when you have a good appetite, and this is the kind of food to search for in Houston. It definitely makes one think of a diamond in the rough, though this quality of food is served by many, many restaurants like it.

Food comes quickly which is nice, and the place tends to be a little tamer particularly on the weeknights which makes it a more manageable experience. That said the staff were very unnatural at speaking English  in that creates a lot of difficulties.

The restaurant could’ve used a cleaning on the inside, and that does impact things a little bit. But at the end of the day it’s mostly about the food, and the place does accomplish some decent food though sometimes it’s a confusing experience. But if you can manage it navigate through things, you’ll find something decent.


  • Definitely best to go during a weeknight when there is less traffic coming and going.
  • This place is also a convenience store which is nice.
  • Speaking Spanish will take you a long way here.

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