Shipley Donuts

10806 Spring Cypress Rd.
Tomball, TX 77375

When Lawrence Shipley first got started selling fried dough by the dozen, one wonders if he had an empire in mind. But that’s what the little shop has grown to since its 1936 founding. Today headquartered in Houston, the shop has scores of locations concentrated firmly in the southern United States, with franchises further extending its reach to a larger world in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas. Spot the big, brown do-nut and oversized signs, and you can bet you’ll have found a regional flavor that has engendered a great deal of love.

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Shipleys is, and always has been, built around a recipe for a better doughnut. So what’s so great about these? Well, they’ve got this nice thickness to them that is much more satisfying than an airy doughnut. The glaze is sweet but not overwhelmingly sugary. The doughnut has a satisfying bite and it’s not too doughy or dry. It’s a wonderfully balanced thing.

And of course there’s the coffee, because no coffee is good without it! This variety is pretty run-of-the-mill actually, but it’s good black and hey, it’ll do to dunk that dough.

The shops are open early and stay open all day, because it’s never too early for a doughnut, right? And they have the kind of comfortable feel of an old-fashioned doughnut shop – tables to sit, but not too comfortable! Because this isn’t a place you hang out and linger very easily. Grab a cup and a do-nut, savor them, and get about taking on your day. Easy as can be.

There’s something about these regional flavors that makes them really fun to try, even after they grow into regional chains. It’s just the experience that many people make visiting a place like this part of their routine during the day.

Texans swear by this place to start their day, and a growing group of fellow Southerners are starting to do the same. There’s a good reason that the chain as survive through the decades and through many other kinds of donut shops popping up and coming and going. There’s just nothing to be said for a top-quality doughnut. They’re timeless and everyone loves them.

This is a distinctive chain in Texas, where everything is bigger. Give it a go.


  • The coffee is pretty average, but the place is mostly about the pastries anyway.
  • Extra hungry? The cinnamon rolls here are really great and not too big. Same to be said for the bear claws.
  • plan to grab and go, there’s a dine in area but not too comfy.

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