Hubcap Grill

2800 North Terminal Road Terminal A South
Houston, Texas 77032

The people of Houston have spoken about Hubcap Grill, over and over. It has been sheer force of will that the people of the city have repeatedly named this burger and beer shop one of the best venues in the city. That is quite a feat in a town as massive as Houston populated with literally thousands of bars. But this burger is one of those special stops that you have to make when coming into the city for good reason. It’s just so delicious you don’t even know what to do with yourself.

Really the burgers are the biggest and best thing on the menu and there are a couple of different adorations, you can have them with tortilla chips, or a Philly cheesesteak topping, or whatever you want. But the answer is very simple, he really just need to get one as soon as you can.

Each burger comes in at a third of a pound, cooked well done through and through, and topped with veggies mayo tomato and the other fixings. Even the little additions to the burgers are wonderful, take for instance the bacon cheeseburger, all it has is a bit of extra cheddar cheese and some crunchy strips of smoky bacon to add to the classic flavors and yet it’s just so wonderful. You have this feeling from the first bite that you’ve found something special. The party is juicy, the toppings aren’t too much, the bun is a little bit crispy and toasted but not too buttery, everything really just fits in proportion perfectly. Get them with a side of the crispy crunchy French fries and you got yourself a deal. Really and truly, this one is worth the hype.

In affect the bar is a small chain with a couple of locations in downtown and several more in the suburbs, but all of them maintain the same kind of light hearted hubcap t in affect the bar is a small train with a couple of locations in downtown and several more in the suburbs, but all of them maintain the same kind of lighthearted hubcap theme.  Which makes them a really funny and kind of divey place. Of course there are plenty of sports to watch in this town, so they’re definitely a gathering place too.

It’s just one of those cases where you have to listen to the people of the city and do what they tell you. This burger really is one of my favorite that I’ve had in a long time.


  • The burgers are an absolute must, no matter what you do come to this place and get one.
  • There’s a pretty sizable rotating beer menu here to go with the burgers.
  • Typically you will find a lot of options for pub grub and snacks too.

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