580 North Fourth Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
websiteOne of the cool new venues to pop up in the burgeoning Italian Village neighborhood in north Columbus, The Juniper is a rooftop bar built atop the historic Smith Bros. Hardware building. While the austere views of downtown and the Short North give it an air of luxury, it’s got a flapperesque, almost speakeasy-like feel. Taste from the lighter menu menu of finger foods and charcuterie while you sit on that expansive patio, but make no mistake, this is an unforgettable experience.

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The menu is mostly small bites to enjoy while you sample from the cocktail menu. Some of the dishes worth trying:

  • Charcuterie: The lineup on this sample board includes sausage,  and some preserves and pickled vegetables. It’s a very discordant mix of different finger foods, some sweet, some salty, some crunchy and some umami. Not to say it’s a bad thing though, there are a lot of combinations you can try on this plate.
  • Flatbreads: There are two options for the flatbreads, one is a vegetarian option and the other is a sausage-based variety. Both feature a light, flaky and crunchy crust. The sweet tomato sauce, cheese and roasted veggies are a delight and the added salty sausage even better. Best as a snack shared between a few people.
  • Jerk Shrimp: Grilled and served with a nice pineapple relish-based slaw for a fresh extra burst of flavor. Just a tinge of sweetness on the end of it, but still juicy with the sear from that grill.
  • Wings: These wings have a relatively simple dry rub, but what makes them so wonderful is the smokiness of them. The wings aren’t too big by themselves, so I would suggest they’re best when shared for a small group.
  • Duck Tots: Tater tots, folded with duck confit, gruyere and bernaise for dipping. Lighter as an app for sure.

For cocktails:

  • Maple Manhattan: Watershed Distillery bourbon, sweet vermouth, maple syrup and some accentuating angostura bitters. The maple flavor is distinct but it’s actually not a sugary drink.
  • Rosemary gimlet: Rosemary simple syrup, lime juice, soda float on the rocks. Not sweet, and more a spry freshness than a strong drink. Good when it’s warm.

As bars in Columbus go, this one is a bit more upscale. I would recommend it maybe it’s a place for a special occasion, probably best to dress at least in business casual and, if it can’t be helped, consider it more of an appetizer placed than a full meal place if you’re with a group of people. With a date, it might be perfect though.

That said, the service is wonderful and atmosphere of the bar is impeccable. This bar was made as a special occasion venue and it happens to be open to the public. All of the things that it offers are wonderful, and I highly suggest this stop for your next big occasion.


  • Before you go, I highly suggest you check the online calendar for availability. The spot can be reserved for private events like weddings, and on weekends, it often is.
  • The cocktails here are really great and should not be ignored.
  • There’s limited parking, maybe this would be a good place to take a cab.

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