Fado Irish Pub

4022 Townsfair Way.
Columbus, OH 43219

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So Fado Irish Pub touts itself as a modern Irish pub, which is an interesting kind of concept. Sure, the inside of the bar has that dark, dank feel of an old English pub, which necessarily has this kind of old and musty feel. But the food is where the modern comes in, with the combination of old-school British favorites and newer and sleeker kinds of combinations. There are a lot of unusual things to sample here, but all in all it’s a wonderful kind of example of new takes on old styles.

The menu is a combination of new and old, healthy and hearty, and a lot of interesting pairings. Some of the things that I liked:

  • Grilled Chicken Baguette: Looking for something a little bit lighter? This is perfect! A grilled chicken baguette with some prosciutto, tomato marmalade, goat cheese and arugula. Really it lacks for nothing in flavor, but it does offer something that doesn’t make you feel bloated.
  • Irish Breakfast: Want to try basically everything on the menu? This dish will take right care of you. Two eggs, Irish sausages, round bacon (or rashers, as they call it), both black and white pudding, some grilled mushrooms, tomatoes, and a bitter Guinness cheddar bread. On the overall, this is a heavier breakfast of course, but it’s a pretty fulfilling one.

Fado is trying to combine two things that don’t traditionally seem like they would mesh well together; that is to say, a modern and sleek restaurant that retains the classic old-school feeling of a pub. A place with a refreshing menu of new things to try while hearkening to a style of food that has been around for literally centuries. That makes this one a really interesting place.

Price points aren’t bad at all, and the service here is really friendly. The bar definitely sticks to modern standards in each of those regards. As far as the environment, really it’s a pretty friendly place. Retaining some of that rough and tumble Irish feel but keeping a newer feel and, as it turns out, ends up pretty striking. I like it.


  • Probably best to come here and enjoy that patio on the warm months, but get some food while you’re here; unlike some of those other British Pub chains, this one isn’t boring in the food department.
  • Irish dishes are plenty here, of course, but don’t shy away from some of the other more traditional grub because it’s pretty solid, too.
  • There’s a lot of good import beers on the menu here too.

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