Market 65

65 E State St.
Columbus, OH 43215

Restaurants don’t get any more liberal than spot on Capitol Square in downtown Columbus, with a concept that feel something like stepping into a bar and a veritable wall of greenery greeting you, you will find that this healthy and fresh restaurant has just about any kind of healthy take imaginable. Through the salads, wraps, drinks, and other things, you will find a creative set of takes on the everyday health food. In this part of town, you’re definitely hurting for something healthy between all of the heavy and thick food. This is a very pleasant and local change.

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Wraps, salad, and other fresh foods dominate the menu. What to try:

  • Korean Salad:  tossed with chicken and  some very interesting spices, the salad evokes some of those wonderful classic Korean dishes rife with kimchi and daikon and other exotic additions to a salad.
  • Chicken salad: Probably one of the meatier chicken salads you’ll find in Columbus, there’s actually a minimum of mayo, veggies yogurt or anything else and a lot of huge chunks of chicken in this stuff. Super filling, and super satisfying.
  • Wraps: One of the options if you’re looking for something other than a panini or a salad. The wraps are stuffed thick and grilled, depending on what you’re ordering in them. Cut in half and can be packed to go for extra, extra convenience.
  • Coffee: The coffee here is consciously sourced, organic and fair trade roasts among them. Really it’s a pretty good black.

The restaurant is good for its versatility, and that makes a lot of sense considering how long a day people have on Capitol Square. It’s a good place for a light breakfast. It’s a decent place to grab lunch. Heck, the furniture makes it a comfortable place to hang out and get some work done if you like. And the restaurant is open into the early evenings, meaning that it’s got a happy hour too with a bar and some beers if you like.

Food is easy to customize and, more importantly, it makes healthy food approachable, which is wonderful. Some chains to cater to this have popped up, but in downtown Columbus you’re stuck with the tired old chains if you want some kind of alternative. In this context, Market 65 is a really great and peaceful place to spend some time.

Market 65 offers something really good and different in downtown Columbus, even at a time that more and more people live healthy lifestyles and yet there are few places to get this kind of food. Looking for that? This place is perfect.


  • Go for the salads if you like something you can customize.
  • This is one of few refreshing healthy spots on Capitol Square. Others are chains or kind of boring.
  • The place has a bar for evening drinks, too.

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