4386 N High St.
Columbus, OH 43214

Cool and collected, 6-1-Pho is a more modern take on the classic American Vietnamese restaurant, taking the most favorite dishes in the Vietnamese arsenal and serving them in a fast casual concept, which allows them to be customized and swapped out according to taste. There is good reason for this; while Vietnamese food can often be healthy, the ingredients are at times unfamiliar to an American audience and even more often, it’s not immediately clear to that audience what they’re eating. This presentation, I think, makes it much more approachable as a food.

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The menu is smart and simple. Those most popular Vietnamese dishes, but served in a way that lets you build your own from the ground up. What’s worth trying:

  • Pho: The vermicelli rice noodle soup famous for its rich broth and flavor. Among many customizations, this one allows you to swap our beef brother for lighter chicken or meat-free vegetable, and add in whichever veggies you like. I had one made up in the classic configuration, though, with a ton of basil, bean sprouts, cilantro, beef and noodles. This soup is all about the good broth, and it definitely delivers in that department.
  • Bun: This noodle dish with a fish sauce-based broth and a ton of veggies is awesome. Easy to enjoy and full of flavor. Probably best with meat, which is how it’s classically done, though you can of course find a few other ingredients to sub in to up the nutritious factor.
  • Summer rolls: Not customizable, but delicious all the same, with noodles, veggies, shrimp and a peanut sauce. An appetizer that differs from the other fried options and a bit refreshing at that.

The restaurant is built out to enjoy the food in an easy and customized setting. So there isn’t a huge amount of service beyond ordering at the front. So relatively speaking, it’s a pretty simple operation; one that doesn’t need too much else beyond that kind of pleasant atmosphere.

Fast casual concepts lend themselves to a lot of variety. It’s not just burritos anymore, these restaurants let you customize all kinds of food. This is only the latest of them, and hopefully the start of a trend that allows more people to get a taste of this great food. I hope to see more from this place.


  • If you’re new to Vietnamese food or maybe you aren’t familiar with it, this would be a good place to get started. Because you can walk through all the ingredients you’re adding in.
  • Maybe good if you prefer to get something quick and healthy.
  • Don’t like noodle soups? The banh mi sandwiches are very popular here too.

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