Latitude 41

50 N 3rd St.
Columbus, Ohio 43215
website3 stars

Built into the ground floor of the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Columbus, Latitude 41 is sheik, contemporary and versatile.  The oversized restaurant with its ample bar caters to a wide audience.  Be at the robust downtown business community, the many guests who passed through these doors, or the downtown dwellers just looking for a quiet bar for a nightcap, there are many reasons that people filter into this restaurant into the day and evenings. Across all of these time frames, though, there is a consistent vein it off friendly service and consistency.


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The menu actually varies greatly depending on the season, occasion, and time of day. So, something should be said for how versatile the kitchen is here.

  • Hangar steak: Soft, cooked medium rare by default, this steak cuts easily, makes for a juicy dish, and if it weren’t good enough, is served with an au jus and some roasted veggies.
  • Apple salad: This salad is all light and citrus, spinach focused and with some apple slices, some citrusy vinaigrette and a bleu cheese to counter it.
  • Chicken fingers: Fried chicken tenders extra crispy and extremely crunchy. For good measure, these are served up next to waffles some of the great syrup and hot sauce.
  • Eggs and hash: This classic breakfast combo is just too much to like. The eggs are scrambled and served with mounds of cheese and no less than half a dozen other sides. The hash browns aren’t bad, though they come off a bit dry.
  • Old fashioned: On the other side of the day from brunch is the nighttime, and this bar has a lot of good cocktails, and yet they’re not often served because it’s not as close to the other fun bars in town.

There is an immense diversity to the crowd the bar draws, because it’s active so much of the day. Sunday mornings there are big crowds for breakfast, for whatever the events that filled the hotel. During the week, there are business and networking events and the meeting rooms are at times filled up. And then on the weekends, there are a decent number of people who come in on the evenings to enjoy that bar.

But compared to the louder and more popular spots in the Short North, this one is much more quiet. But all in all, not a bad place. I recommend it if you’re in downtown and looking for a quieter place to enjoy some grub or a drink.


  • Brunch here on the weekends is surprisingly good, it’s better for more than just the hotel food.
  • Evenings, this bar can be a refreshingly quiet experience.
  • Consider the cocktail menu, it’s pretty good.

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