Bistro Bohem

600 Florida Avenue NW
Washington DC 20001

Modern European cuisine, specifically Czezch food, is the whole specialty of this modern bar in Washington DC’s Shaw neighborhood.  Once you set foot inside the stripped down bar that has been rebuilt with interesting and quirky European decorations, you will find a place that takes modern American cuisine and splices it with some interesting European dishes that create some unusual but very fulfilling combinations. Even if you don’t like the charming little storefront, and charming it most certainly is, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find something on the menu that you will enjoy. While it’s popular with the locals, the spot should have a bigger place in DC brunch circuit.

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A couple of good things on the menu:

  • Potato pancakes:  These are actually a distinctly Czech recipe.  Mashed up and browned before being served with arugula and sour cream. It’s an interesting table appetizer, and it’s down just to make you hungrier.
  • Schnitzel and waffles: Here’s an interesting and creative take on the ever popular chicken and waffle. A Wienerschnitzel Topped with a spicy mayo and then served on top of an enormous waffle with some syrup on the side. It fulfills all of the objectives of the dish: spicy, crunchy, sweet and savory.  Expect this one to be huge and take away your appetite. No regrets there.
  • Coffee: so there’s an entire menu devoted just to coffee drinks and you should not miss out on that. But even the basic coffee sometimes is perfect, and this one is especially good if you just drink it black.

To my great surprise, this place really isn’t actually that crowded Sunday mornings. Which is kind of hilarious, because just a couple blocks away is the busy U Street corridor which is so popular with all of the young kids who like brunch, and a few blocks in the other direction or many of the other more popular names closer to Chinatown. So you can come here and find some really good food and luckily discover that it really isn’t even that big of a hassle to come here and eat.

The prices are pretty normal, but particularly affordable given what some of those other more hyped restaurants offer. We’re to the point though, the food just comes quickly and everything on the menu is still well thought out and explicitly delicious.

It really is nice to find a dive that isn’t well discovered in a city like this one. This will be one of those times. This restaurant is delicious and I highly recommend it.


  • The brunch crowd is surprisingly light.
  • This is one of those DC spots that only takes one credit card to a table.
  • In the evening hours there are plenty of good Czeczh  beers to try too.

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