Sugar Shack

1932 9th St. NW,
Washington, DC 20001

This doughnut and coffee shop was founded in Virginia and since then it has trudged a steady stream of new locations throughout the Washington DC and Northern Virginia area. There’s no question that the place is all about good donuts and simple coffee drinks, and it’s got a loyalty program that beings people back. Gentle soul music floats through the speakers, and while the decidedly modern storefront is favoring new developments and buildings, there is just something decidedly old fashioned about enjoying a good old fashioned donut shop like this one.

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The menu is extremely straightforward and focused on simple coffee drinks and some specialty mochas and hot teas for good measure. Some of the things that are worth trying:

  • Latte: Frothy and sweet, this is a pretty straightforward milk-based coffee drink that has staying power. Not too much sugar to make you crash and not to much coffee to make you go crazy either, and overall its not too much of a problem to take this one and sip it because it’s a gentle drink.
  • Donuts: The cake in these is not too hardy which is perfect because it means a donut that is not too sweet or too overpowering. I am preferable to the seasonal flavors. In the fall for instance there is a wonderful samoa flavor with toasted coconut like the famous Girl Scout cookie. Not bad at all, and that said, there are sweeter options on the table too.

The menu is heavily focused on those goodies and while there is some room to dine in, the realaity in go-go Washington is most people take them to travel. The place is convenient for those too.

I hope to see this chain continue to grow and expand, maybe some day even out of the District and Virginia. It’s just a fun place to see. And the donuts and coffee, they’re pretty great too.


  • There is an interesting reward program if you give your phone number, patronize the place enough and you will find free donuts and discounts start popping up on your account. If you like donuts this is going to be a place you will want to take advantage of that.
  • Go for those seasonal flavors if you can.
  • Also, everything is packed to go so this is very convenient as a sweet stop on a walking tour.

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