Pit to Plate BBQ

8021 Hamilton Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45231

The food truck based in Cincinnati is immediately recognizable by it’s bright red paint job and in Norma’s morning.  Odds are, if you have spotted this food truck, you have found it at a summer food truck rally, country music concert, blues fest, or something similar in southwest Ohio. Those are the perfect places to find good barbecue, and though you might not find a restaurant behind this business, make no mistake they make great barbecue.

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The specialty here is a kind of backyard barbecue that is perfect with music. Plenty of things on the menu, but here’s what’s good:

  • Beef Brisket: Grilled slightly smoked and then dropped for a fact, the brisket has the right mix of beef and a little gristle to make it slick and packed with flavor. Best when served on the bun, and with one of the warmer sauces.
  • Pulled pork: Soft, chewy pork with a slight smoky edge to it, perfect again when made as a sandwich. In this case, I think one of the milder sauces, especially the garlic option, might be better off because the pork has a milder flavor.
  • Corn on the cob: This one is a specialty and a favorite at music festivals especially in the summertime. They grill ears of corn inside the husk, then dip the de-husked ears in a heavy mixture of butter and paprika spices and serve it to you wrapped in a paper plate that lets you practically dip the corn in the buttery mix. This one just screams “summer.”
  • Jalapeno cornbread: Probably one of the side dishes that comes and goes here and there, but jalapeños do you add a notable spicy to the bread, which is already thick and wonderful.

The food truck usually draws a pretty big line, especially when it’s at festivals and people are hungry for barbecue. That said, the food comes remarkably quickly, and what you get is usually pretty satisfying for the price that you’re paying. To be certain, there’s always a bit of an upcharge when it comes to Food trucks, because you have to pay for the added expenses of them carting the operation around and setting it up.

The menu was intentionally pretty small, but for good reason. This truck knows what it does well and just focuses on that. It’s a good time.


  •  This place is all about barbecue, brisket, wings, pulled pork, if you come and try it you will definitely want to Make sure you get some lf that first and foremost.
  • The corn on the cob is a specialty, give it a try too.
  • Yes, they take cards though there can be an up-charge.

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One thought on “Pit to Plate BBQ

  1. Boy do I miss great BBQ since moving to Florida. It’s the 1st place we stop on our trips home. YUM! Picky people pick Pit-to-Plate BBG.

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