Highland Stag

75 N Main St.
Springboro, OH 45066

A group of MacKenzies opened the Highland Stag in early 2017 in a bid to bring something really unique to the Dayton dining scene: genuinely good Scottish food. And they found themselves in affluent Springboro, where Cincinnatians could come up and enjoy it too. Scotch eggs. Fish and chips. Reubens. The food here is, in a word, egregious. One thing is certain, you won’t leave the place without a full belly. Everything about it, from the meticulously though out menu, to the low-lit interior with an enormous castle inside, can’t be beat.

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There’s an extensive menu, and so much to try. Some of the best things:

  • Scotch Eggs: Hard boiled eggs fried and served up with a chutney. A rare dish! But crunchy and soft and a lot of flavor hidden in the breading.
  • St. Andrews Burger: Chargrilled 8-ounce paty with smoked gouda, caramelized onions and a maple mustard. Smokey cheese and charred bark are what put this burger over the top. Huge and filling.
  • Beer-battered cod sandwich: Here’s a kind of fish and chips take you won’t easily forget! Extra crispy and served with house tartare and grilled lemon.
  • Forest mushroom whiskey chicken: Grilled chicken smothered a mushroom gravy that’s made with Old Grandad whisky so it’s got a deep, alluring flavor. Served with roasted potatoes and green beans.
  • MacKenzie Reuben: Corned beef and a red pepper slaw. Like Rubens thick? This one is your answer, it’s a huge sandwich and a tall tower of meat.
  • Scottish roasted beet salad: Charming, later charming, lighter appetizers like this one are probably best one on one, or with two people at most. But that house vinaigrette is delicious.
  • Smoked salmon crostinis: Just another example of the kind of whimsical little dishes whipped up here, the salmon, lettuce and ingredient combo is just so fresh.
  • Grilled fish: This might have changed to salmon on the menu, but its a great lighter option if you’re feeling one.
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding: Wonderful English dessert, a toffee and ice cream atop the bundt gives it a sweet, salty finish.

The bar really enjoys this kind of old-fashioned English feel in spite of being in a modern building with modern amenities. Dank isn’t quite the word to describe it, but the low-lit, heavy wood bar feels familiar and intimate.  We are in a relatively small space here, so if you actually look at it, the seating is pretty packed in. But there’s just something so comfortable about this part that makes it a nice place to enjoy a drink and feel a little low-key.

Everything about the Highland Stag is meticulously thought out, from the quality of the ingredients on the menu to the careful way they’re portioned and combined, to the pleasant feel even on mellow weekends. There are so many were dishes that are hard to find in southwest Ohio, and here they are delivered so effortlessly well. This stop is definitely worth it.


  • There is a big patio for good weather.
  • There might be a lot of beer on tap, but don’t overlook the cocktails because they are great too.
  • A lot of hard to find English dishes here.

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