Seventh Son Brewing Co.

1101 N 4th St.
Columbus, OH 43201

If you’ve lived around Columbus any amount of time, you know how rapidly the eastern part of the Italian Village has changed in a few years. What were once industrial brownfields have blossomed into massive housing and lifestyle developments. All of it is centered along the 4th Street corridor, where you’ll find more bikes, pedestrians and vibrancy than ever before. And so, it made sense for this part of town to have its own community bar. This bar cans its beers now with artwork from local creatives. For the increased exposure it gets with these, there’s still something to be said for coming to visit this taproom.


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The wonderful thing about Seventh Son has more to do with the enormous variety of beer styles on display here. Some of the breweries in town have found a niche with one kind of brew or another – sour beers, smoked beers, strong beers, etc. while this one favors the well rounded approach. Some of the things I liked:

  • Hadron’s Collision Table Brew: One of the lightest beers, this one is meant to sip without the problem of feeling the alcohol effects. Very, very mild hint of citrus but largely a crisp clean drink.
  • Lemongrass Wit: A witbier, this one is on the lighter end for sure with a pronounced crisp note.
  • Stone Fort Oat Brown: This brown ale is definitely strong with the chocolate milk, but then it ends with a smoke. Chocolate and smoke can be a different take, but if you like both this can work well.
  • The Cypher: This is a Belgian-style red, and a mid-spectrum brew with a definite hint of sour to it. But good for the red ale lover out there.
  • Toast: One of many frequent experiments to try in the taproom only, this mild pale ale comes in at 5.3 percent ABV. Fruity with mango and grape notes.
  • Smooth Pursuit:  A “rich smokiness, similar to scotch” pervades this brew, which has a crisp, zesty flavor.
  • Abaddon: On the strongest end of the spectrum, this beer is a quad, coming in at a full 10.1 percent ABV. Hints of dried fruit, bitter orange and pepper give it depth.
  • American Strong Ale: There’s an almost grapefruit scent to this one, but the hefty combo of seven hops and a 7.7 percent ABV make it exceptional.
  • International Hit Single: This cloudy white IPA is easy drinking in the warm months.

The brewery started off out of a converted garage that gave it kind of an industrial feel, and then it also had a huge patio that brought in a lot of people on the weekends. Thanks to the popularity, though, it decided to expand and brew more beer and become more of a gathering place.

All told, an excellent place to get a drink. There’s such a huge variety of beers that there’s something for everyone.


  • The patio is huge and great in the warm weather.
  • While there isn’t food here directly, there are often food trucks to try.
  • Many beers are seasonal, so there’s always something new to try year-round.

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