Land Grant Brewing

424 W Town St.
Columbus, OH 43215

Founded by a group of guys with a common passion for Columbus and its sporting scene, Land Grant Brewing started as a smaller operation in Chicago and floated around Central Ohio before it opened its brewery in Franklinton in 2014. In the process, it became one of the first crucial investments in that neighborhood, which is in the middle of a resurgence. It’s also been rallying the banner for the Columbus Crew and other teams in town. A lot of new and interesting beers come and go through this bar. They definitely merit a taste.

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There’s a huge variety of the beers here, which is great. Many of these are sold in cans, but many more are available in the taproom. Some of the things I tried:

  • One Goal One Rye’d: A rye pale ale with a medium body and a bitter, sharp finish. The rye flavor is definitely going to be the forward flavor.
  • Blackberry Jamble: A heavier blackberry beer, I’d definitely look at it as a first beer to drink, because while it’s not sweet it’s definitely a brighter flavor.
  • Glory: This wheat beer clocks in at 5.4 percent ABV so it’s a sturdy but still very easy drink. Canned and most well-known for its offering at Mapfre Stadium.
  • Space-Grant: This thick, chewy black IPA has hints of caramel, hints of coffee and a little bit of smokiness. Black IPAs are tricky. This one is pulled off so well.
  • Pale Blue: A lighter blueberry pilsner, light body and very drinkable. The blueberry flavor is forward but not overwhelming. And easy drink.
  • Deep Search Baltic Porter: “Warm, strong, sweet, complex,” it’s a sturdy-as-hell chewy and smoky brew. And it’s a kicker with 8.5% ABV. 
  • Urban Sombrero: A Mexican lager with a floral aroma and just a little bit of spice in the mouth, this one is, as they say, made for summer sipping.
  • Moonracer Pilsner: Light and slightly hopped with almost the taste of an IPA, but not the bitterness. A good winter alternative to their great Pool Party beer.

The brewery is a very relaxed kind of atmosphere. It’s got an expansive interior with long tables and on weeknights and weekends alike these are full of groups. Sometimes it’s a birthday, other times it might be an event, and sometimes it’s just a table of people enjoying a board game. The outdoor patio, which just got an expansion, is wonderful to hang out on good weather days and more and more people prefer to do that too.

Columbus has dozens of breweries, and every one of them has an appeal, but Land Grant is one of the most aggressively pro-Columbus of them. There’s a really nice feel to the place, kind of a relaxed atmosphere and a great set of adventurous brews. Give it a try.


  • Many of the beers come in cans, but that misses the chance to try some of the more experimental brews.
  • Food here is via food trucks that park outside, so check the schedule.
  • This is a good spot for a networking group or a low-key kind of event.

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