One Line Coffee

745 N High St.
Columbus, OH 43215

Columbus’ Short North neighborhood has been cool for a few years, but of late, it’s becoming something else entirely. This neighborhood has peaked to something beyond that, as a massive number of new construction projects crowd the street and some of the coolest businesses in the country pick this neighborhood for their presence in the City. The food scene has been similarly elevated. This neighborhood is host to some of the best food and bars in the city. And that goes for the coffee too.

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Think house-roasted beans, baked goodies and weekend events.

  • Coffee: The shop strives to source its coffee beans sustainably, and to that end it’s got a system where it gets as close as possible to the places and people where the java comes from. Many of these come from Colombia, others are sourced from Costa Rica, Ecuador and beyond. The results show. Some of the coffees to try include Guatemala Nueva Esperanza, with its light, nutty and slightly buttery taste.
  • Mocha: A richer, velvety coffee drink wonderful for those cool months. Heavy on the chocolate for sure; after you sip it, you’ll find a thick and delicious concentration of chocolate at the bottom. Sweet is the word!
  • Americano: I think the layman confuses these with the now-popular cold brew, but it’s made from diluted espresso so has a deeper, more bitter taste closer to the original bean.
  • Chocolate chip scone: Sometimes all you need is a little thick, crunchy, sweet chocolate.
  • Croissant: This pastry is best for breakfast but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good afternoon snack, too. There are savory options filled with cheese but also sweeter ones, which are filled with a bit of dark chocolate. Crispy and flaky on the outside, and pleasant and warm on the inside.

Reflecting Short North’s cosmopolitan feel, this shop is a modern one; the front of the shop has standing tables to allow for quick coffee rendezvous, but the back of the shop has more comfortable couches for an intimate conversation and, importantly, tables for working. Given the number of offices opening in the Short North, having a coffee shop like this one where people can hang out is really meaningful.

Short North’s shops have a lot of different kinds of charm to them, and so even with the rent going up it’s nice to see some places with real local character sticking around. One Line Coffee is wonderful and worth a coffee meeting.


  • This spot looks like it’s a short walk from downtown or the Arena District. The reality is it might be just a bit further away than that. I suggest making it a place you walk to during nice weather – in the summer.
  • You can take a standing table for a quick cup, but there are places in the back to hunker down.
  • The coffees are sourced from a few different places, so the advanced coffee drinker who knows the flavors of different beans might find something to like here.

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