California Tri-Tip

Cincinnati-area food truck
Facebook page

Based out of northern Kentucky, the California Tri-Tip Food Truck is a bright-red trailer that makes appearances around Greater Cincinnati’s festivals, workplaces and big concerts. The trailer is simple, in fact it’s about the simplest thing you can find anywhere, because it’s got exactly one item on the menu: the tri-tip sandwich. It’s got a grill built into the back of the trailer to grill these wonderful slabs of meat and then thin-slice them for serving. One’s a meal, and at ten bucks, it doesn’t get any more convenient than this.

That thin sliced tri-tip is a masterpiece! Each sandwich is sliced to order, and yet it’s cooked to a perfect medium rare. Each one is then heaped between a giant bun, and served with barbecue sauce – on the side! The proprietor, Lindsey, will properly advise you to just sample the sauce first, because you’re just going to want to try the meat by itself. I think that’s better, anyway, because the dry rub and the wonderful juices in the meat provide plenty of flavor. The sandwich is a mess to eat! The wonderful juices and gristle drips off as you feast and the bun sops it up just a little bit but you have to watch yourself! Chips come on the side too.

The truck keeps its schedule pretty clear, it’s easiest to find the place on its Facebook page, but it can also be found in such places on but generally expect to find it most of the time around festivals and concerts especially in the northern Kentucky area. But it does venture further.

This sandwich is really and truly something else. Wherever you find this food truck, there’s bound to be a line. And there’s a good reason for that. Get you one of these and you’re bound to be satisfied.

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